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Hi there!  I am a thirty-something stay at home mom of three kids under five.

I am constantly working to save money.  I love the challenge of finding ways to keep my cash by making instead of buying, bringing new life to old things, and even doing without once in a while.

As a result, living frugally and being minimalist have been a large focus for me for several years.  It is definitely a process, but I love the lessons that I am learning about myself and others.

During this time, I have discovered many ways to make delicious, wholesome foods that I used to have to buy. I love sharing my tips with you so you can save some money and make some easy, yet amazing, recipes.

Due to my husband’s job, my family moves every few years.  This means that we tend to buy and sell houses more frequently than the average person.  We love doing mini flips on houses, and are so excited to share our DIY projects with you!

All of the projects we feature are things that we have had to learn how to do on the spot.  We do not have any technical knowledge or special skills, but we have developed a ton of know-how the good old fashioned way.

Take a look around and see how I am remodeling my home, my food and my finances, and saving money all along the way!

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