Top Ten Best Buys at Aldi

Alright, how many of you are shopping at Aldi now?

If you aren’t, you should be!  This is the easiest way that I have found to love my wallet when grocery shopping, and that makes it the best, right!?  I have tried couponing, but even with the AMAZING ladies (and gentlemen) who take the time each week to match the coupons with sales, I had to give it up after having my second child.  It took too much time to look through the ads to see what I wanted and then to print the coupons (which invariably wouldn’t print due to one error or another).  If I did make the time to do this, I would head to the store and spend forever looking for the exact product that I had a coupon for, only to learn that the product size was wrong or the price was actually much higher.  After checking out, I would realize that I had still spent a lot of money, and had a bunch of products that I wouldn’t have even bought if I hadn’t had a coupon.  It was just an added chore, and my two screaming children (and anyone else who happened to have the misfortune to be shopping or working that day) did not appreciate my efforts.  So I stopped couponing.  For a while, I just tried to get the sales at the major grocery stores.  Then a friend said, “Have you tried Aldi?  It cut my grocery bill in half.”

A light bulb went off… I had to see what she was talking about.

The first time I went to Aldi, it felt weird to me.  Instead of walking in the door and seeing the normal grocery store layout, I was channeled through all of the snack food items (chips, chocolate, applesauce, nuts, etc.).  After the first aisle, it looked a little more normal, but all of the products were different.  Fruit Loops was now Fruit Rounds.  While it looked remarkably similar to regular Fruit Loops, it was an off brand (is that even allowed?).  I pressed on.  The meat looked normal, the produce was fine.

But the prices, oh the prices!!!

They were SO LOW.  Cereal for just over a dollar, canned food for 50 cents, and a pineapple for a dollar fifty?  SOLD.

So I filled up my cart and checked out to the tune of $70.  FOR A WHOLE CART.

We got home and unloaded the car, item by item.  Which reminds me, bring bags if you go.  You have to buy them there (its one of the ways they cut costs, giving them the opportunity to make prices so cheap).  Also, bring a quarter.  You need one to get a cart (another cost cutting tactic – they do not have to have extra employees gather the carts from the parking lot because people put them away so they quarter back).  Anyways, back to my story.  We unloaded the car, item by item, and hesitantly tried some of the food.  It was… GOOD!  Almost everything there is really quite good!  It tasted like the “normal” products you would get at the grocery store, and some of it was even better.  I have never been one to buy off brands.  I am pretty brand specific in my buys – it has to be Hellmann’s, JIF, and Ragu.  But, lo and behold, the Aldi mayonaise, peanut butter and spaghetti sauce tasted pretty much the same to me.  I was shocked.

Here is another shocker.

I actually like the Aldi food BETTER than my old standbys now, for a variety of reasons.  First, it tastes better.  Also, they do not use artificial coloring in their food.  They use plant based agents such as beet juice and turmeric instead.  Additionally, they have a lot of organic choices, and they are continually growing this line.

One last note about Aldi.

Shopping here is much faster for me, because there are only one or two choices of each different type of product.  This means I get out of the store a lot quicker because there is no comparison shopping happening.  Thankfully, the prices are so good, I don’t NEED to comparison shop.  They do have their specialty items that are seasonal and typically suck me in for a few minutes.  But again, this is because the prices are so good and Aldi has a good pulse on the things that the shopper may want.

All in all, Aldi has been a great thing for me and my family.  It is cheaper, faster, and tastes better.  Plus my kids are not ingesting red dye.  A win for everyone!

Here is a list of our top ten favorite items to get you started:

  1. Simply Nature Salad Dressing.  All the flavors are great.  Except the mango one…
  2. Simply Nature Organic Medium Roast K-Cups.  Also, it is fair trade certified.
  3. Simply Nature Organic Shells and White Cheddar.
  4. Specially Selected Super Premium Chocolate Ice Cream.  Only 5 ingredients (and they are all things you can pronounce)!
  5. Cheese Curds.
  6. Rice Squares, Kids Krunch, Fruit Rounds and Marshmallows and Stars. Yum!
  7. Millville Creamy Wheat.
  8. Benton’s (Girl Scout) Cookies.
  9. Little Salad Bar Fresh Salsa.
  10. Artisan Salad.

We also get almost all of our staples there.  Milk, eggs, produce, organic chicken, etc.

Are you still reading this?  Stop, and get to Aldi!

Top 10 Things To Buy At Aldi

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