Ten Reasons I Drive a Conversion Van

Seriously, I do.

And it is not the cool, vintage kind like in the picture (yet…).

  1. The bucket seats are as comfortable as your dad’s old Lazyboy.
  2. There is so much room in that thing.
  3. It has mini-blinds.  Keeps the sun out of the kid’s eyes and provides some privacy if needed.
  4. The backseat folds down into a queen size bed.  Road trips just got a whole lot more comfortable my friends.
  5.  It has a TV/VCR console where I can play all my old VHS tapes for my kids.
  6. It charges my phone even when the vehicle is OFF.
  7. Kids think it is the coolest thing ever (adults do not…).  Seriously, my kid’s friends are super jealous.
  8. It has party lights inside. What better way to party like it’s 1999?  (It actually is a 1999 conversion van).
  9. I can haul anything in it.  Kids and all the accompanying gear, roadside furniture pick ups, lumber, etc.  You name it, we’ve hauled it.
  10. It was a much appreciated gift (but older vans like it are very affordable in terms of vehicles).

Here at our Love Remodeled homestead (or suburban house as the case may be) we do some things that may be considered radical by some, in an effort to live small now so we can enjoy a long retirement at an early age.

Driving a conversion van is one of those things.  It may look a little weird to others, but we love our van and REALLY love the cost savings!


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