A Whole House Color Scheme

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Looking for a farmhouse color scheme for your whole house?

Painting the rooms in your house is such a quick, easy way to make your whole home feel fresh, clean and welcoming, but choosing a color can be a headache.  Who hasn’t brought home paint sample after paint swatch looking for just the perfect color?

Here is my foolproof whole house color scheme to make the paint choosing part go much smoother.


Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

This is my go to color for painting a living room, dining room, or hallway, but it can really be used anywhere in the house.  It is perfectly greige, with a lot of gray and a touch of beige, and this makes it perfect in rooms that have gray or brown undertones.  This color reminds me of an art gallery wall, because it is soothing and does not make much of a statement on its own, leaving the furniture and accessories to really stand out.  Recently, I painted my bedroom in this color.  Check out the difference a little bit of paint can make – it’s amazing!

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

This dreamy blue/green is my favorite color for a bathroom or even a kitchen.  This color is still considered to be a “neutral,” even though it has a little more pop to it.  It can look more green or blue depending on your lighting, and coordinates perfectly with the other colors listed.  It is also one of Sherwin William’s most popular colors, so you know that it has a wide appeal.

Sherwin Williams Steamed Milk

Steamed Milk is my unsung hero.  Whoever thought that a creamy white could be so beautiful?  Steamed Milk is my favorite color for a room that does not have a lot of natural light coming in.  In a sunny room, it comes across as not particularly interesting.  But in a dark room, it is pure heaven.  It stands out against white or wood trim, and it makes the whole room feel warm and inviting.

Sherwin Williams Mega Greige

This beige-brown is a great color for a room that you want to have a little more impact, such as an entryway.  Like Agreeable Gray, it has the perfect combination of gray and brown, making it very versatile.  Be warned though, this color is much darker than the others discussed, and you may want to grab a sample of it before you paint your whole room in it.  That being said, it easily coordinates with the other colors and really rounds out the list.

So there you have it, my foolproof whole house color scheme.

Are you ready to start painting but you don’t have a stready enough hand for the trim work?  Check out this tool.  Recently, I attached it to the end of an extension pole to trim the top edge near the ceiling in my stairwell, and was amazed at how easy it was to use!  It didn’t get any paint on the ceiling, and made a crisp, perfect line!  

Check out the pictures below to see how these colors look in action.

SW Mega Greige


SW Agreeable Gray


SW Sea Salt


SW Steamed Milk

Let me know what you think!

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